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Thought Leadership

January 31, 2022

Trinseo Speaks at the Circularity and Sustainability in Complex Sectors Webinar

Trinseo is a strong advocate of partnering with value chain stakeholders and believes that a circular economy can only be achieved through collaborative efforts. We embark on significant, sustainable-focused partnerships on a global basis. Built on a network of members who represent all sectors in the plastic supply and recycling chain, RECOUP is a not-for-profit charity viewed as an independent, trustworthy source of plastics recycling, with a unique ability to link all parts of the value chain. Sharing a similar vision and hoping to achieve synergy, Trinseo became a member of RECOUP in 2021.

Many advances have been made in addressing the challenges posed by the collection, sorting, and recycling of plastics. However, there are still a number of sectors being challenged with achieving circularity due to factors such as the environment the plastic is used in, product design requirements, or lack of recycling infrastructure. RECOUP’s “Circularity and Sustainability in Complex Sectors” webinar broadcast on November 21, 2021 explored some of the challenges and solutions within some of these complex sectors. Julien Renvoise, Trinseo’s Commercial Manager, Global Circularity, conducted a technical presentation, “Unlocking Polystyrene Circularity” during the event. In his presentation, Renvoise shared information of proven technologies on polystyrene circularity backed by a real-life circular example of dairy product packaging in Europe.

Renvoise’s presentation during the webinar can be viewed by clicking here (from 43:23). The video is also available on the RECOUP website or on YouTube by clicking here.