Trinseo | Expanding The Pour Season for Bridge Deck Overlays with Latex Modified Concrete: Webinar
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Thought Leadership

October 06, 2022

Expanding The Pour Season for Bridge Deck Overlays with Latex Modified Concrete: Webinar

New research from Trinseo strongly suggests that the pour window for Latex Modified Concrete (LMC) can be expanded, giving DOTs and contractors significant flexibility in starting and completing projects in the early spring and late fall.

For over 50 years, Latex Modified Concrete (LMC) based on Trinseo’s Modifier A™/NA Latex has been used successfully as a thin overlay for rehabilitation of old, worn-out bridge deck surfaces.

State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) have established specifications for placing LMC including limits on installation temperature. The specified temperature range for installing LMC is typically 50 to 85°F. The low temperature limit of 50°F for placing bridge deck overlays results in a shorter pour season for many regions of the country.

In 2016 Trinseo published a research report showing robust performance of LMC at the low end of the temperature specification (50°F). The research presented in this webinar was designed to evaluate performance of LMC when cured at lower temperatures of 35, 40, and 45°F, compared to performance when cured at 50 and 72°F.

LMC cured at the lower temperatures showed excellent compressive strength, bond strength and chloride ion penetration resistance. Results of this work strongly suggest that the pour window for LMC based on Modifier A/NA latex can be expanded to seasons when ambient temperatures may be below 50°F.

Learning Objectives:

  • Brief overview of historical excellent performance of Latex Modified Concrete designed with Trinseo’s Modifier A/NA Latex.
  • Current DOT cure temperature specifications and impact on LMC pour season.
  • Review previous low temperature cure study conducted by Trinseo and how the current research expands understanding of LMC performance under low temperature cure conditions.
  • Understanding of key performance tests and how they were conducted under low temperature conditions.
  • Performance results of LMC under low temperature conditions.  What this means for state DOTs, LMC overlay installers, and efforts to improve infrastructure in the U.S.

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