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September 21, 2022

Trinseo supports lighting designers with innovative PMMA sheet solution

ALTUGLAS™ Opalescent HLT provides material solution to ConceptLight for new Paris tram line

As design needs and market demands become increasingly complex, it is essential for material companies to further innovation and develop more easy-to-use solutions, without compromising aesthetics or performance. Trinseo developed the ALTUGLAS™ Opalescent HLT Acrylic Sheet with these goals in mind, to allow lighting designers such as Concept Light in Paris, France to create external signs.

The Challenge

ConceptLight, an expert in LED lighting solutions, was selected by the Paris Transit Authority (RATP) to produce masts signaling the stops for the new Grand Paris Tramway. These masts had to be easily distiunguishable from a distance, match the color of the tram line, as well as maintain their color by day and by night, without additional lighting during the day. Consequently, the technical challenge was finding a material that transmits, without LEDs, a color that is not only consistent but as bright and homogeneous as the enlightened one emitted by night. No product either in PMMA or in another material were able to meet this requirement, unless it was a more complex solution.

Apart from this objective, since the mast is exposed to all climatic conditions it had to be made from a UV resistant material. Finally, concerned with aesthetics aligned with the introduction of this new Parisian Tram, the brief required a visually pleasing mast.

The Solution

Trinseo recommended ALTUGLAS™ Opalescent HLT Acrylic sheet, a material offering high light transmission, maximum opalescence, and uniform colourful brightness on both face and edge of the sheet. No light source is needed during the day to achieve this effect; daylight is sufficient to evenly highlight the colour of the piece. Thanks to its exceptional diffusion, even with its high level of opalescence, the vivid colour of the material looks just beautiful. At night, with white LEDs, the intensity and the quality of the colour stays exactly the same, as bright and uniform as it is in daylight. Furthermore, there are no visible ”hot spots.” The beauty and sturdiness of ALTUGLAS™ Opalescent HLT Acrylic sheet will remain  throughout  the  years, featuring  insulating  thermal  and UV properties. Twice as light as glass, it’s a fantastic material for lighting designers such as ConceptLight!

The Result

The solution fits completely with ConceptLight’s need. Commuters notice the bright and colourful illuminated sign, consistent with the color scheme of the tram line – the same by day as by night. ALTUGLAS™ Opalescent HLT’s brightness lights up the stations, making them visible from afar for both pedestrians and other vehicles, improving navigation and increasing safety around the stops.

The ALTUGLAS™ Opalescent HLT material carries the light all across the sign giving a uniform enlightened color through all the material. The light is distributed across the material offering an outstanding aspect for the very new Grand Tram de Paris, while also enabling energy savings.

Key Benefits

  • Very long lifetime due to PMMA resistance properties
  • Easy lighting solution due to the PMMA material properties
  • No light source such as LEDs needed during the day
  • Identical color during the day, and at night