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Thought Leadership

Giona Kilcher, Global CASE Business Development

At Trinseo, we are excited to take our first step into the all-acrylics market for Building and Construction applications with the launch of LIGOS™ C 9375. This launch is a key component of the company’s transformation and growth strategy for its coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers (CASE) segment and results from close customer collaboration.

The acrylics market offers exciting growth opportunities for Trinseo, making it a natural fit within our portfolio and a core element of the Company’s ongoing efforts to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to customers. In the coming years, we will roll out a robust lineup of 100% acrylic products that meet customers' needs. By entering this market segment, we expect to increase profitability and generate more value through our expansion of customizable products.

Why Transition into All Acrylics?

Acrylics are among the most used and best-performing products in building and construction, helping to solve a wide range of application requirements for cement mixtures, exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS), cementitious repair, decorative overlays, tile grout, construction adhesives, and sprayable and patching mortar or stucco.

Acrylic products offer longer-term durability, which increases housing quality and allows for more sustainable construction. Other benefits include superior aesthetics, easy assembly, weather resistance, and health and safety components. Additionally, Trinseo’s all-acrylic products are water-based, making them a safer option compared to other solutions.

As a result of this wide range of applications and benefits, Trinseo is seeing healthy demand growth for all-acrylic products.

Trinseo vs. the Competition

LIGOS™ C 9375 offers superior compressive and flexural resistance, which was shown to out-perform a commercial control by 20-40% in both wet- and dry-cure conditions. With this new product, Trinseo aims to deliver a high-performance acrylic product enabling our customers to design better, more competitive solutions.

Trinseo’s expansion into acrylic products not only diversifies our portfolio offerings but also builds upon our long-standing history as a customer-focused, collaborative business committed to providing customized products to meet our customers' unique needs. The launch of LIGOS™ C 9375 will be followed by a robust pipeline of new products coming to customers in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Ultimately, it’s our goal to build a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products and customizable solutions that meet customer needs and solve industry challenges.