Materializing Our Sustainable Future

Francesca Reverberi, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer

Trinseo’s sustainability journey started over a decade ago, when we published our first Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report in 2010. This year, we are adding another quality report to this long history, as we recently published our 13th annual Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which highlights how 2022 was a pivotal year in our transformational journey.

The theme this year, Materializing Our Sustainable Future, is not only a play on the word “material” but also demonstrates how we are strategizing and delivering against our 2030 Sustainability Goals. The cherry blossoms on the report cover are symbolic of this materialization. First, it takes hard work, dedication, and daily nurturing to see our sustainability strategy blossom into actionable initiatives—and for that I am truly grateful to our employees and their unwavering commitment. Second, cherry blossoms are a sign of optimism, and we are excited by our progress today for a more sustainable tomorrow.

In 2022, we solidified our position as a global sustainable solutions provider with two strategic operational moves: our acquisition of Heathland B.V. and the development of our decarbonization strategy.

Expanding Our Recycling Capabilities

Our acquisition of Heathland, a leading collector and recycler of pre- and post-consumer plastic wastes in Europe, in January 2022 incorporates backward integration of recycling technologies. This milestone enables us to supply quality, sustainable feedstock to our business units so they can continue to deliver and innovate recyclate-containing materials.

Additionally, with the integration of Heathland, we introduced new expertise into our procurement process that has expanded our circular product pipeline, which will help increase our recycled plastics range and services. This expertise also creates new opportunities for collaboration through the company’s global partnerships.

Heathland will provide valuable insights and collaboration as we continue to develop advanced recycling technologies to move our Sustainable Product Portfolio 2030 Sustainability Goals forward.

Development of Our Decarbonization Strategy

Last year, we also developed our decarbonization strategy, which utilizes three pillars for short- and long-term project alignment: carbon excellence, electrification, and renewable and clean energy, such as green furnace and steam. Together, these pillars will guide our company as we take a strategic and tactical approach to decarbonization.

We completed our Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions baseline calculations as the first step in implementation. This will be instrumental in addressing our Climate Change 2030 Sustainability Goals. The strategy also addresses Scope 2 GHG emissions by planning how we can invest in and expand our renewable energy sources. In 2022, we increased our non-fossil fuel energy sources for electricity consumption to 13% from the previous report.

Through our decarbonization strategy, we are positioning ourselves for success and helping us lead the industry in Scope 3 management.

I am excited by the progress we made in 2022 and the foundation we set for success in the years ahead. It is an honor to work with a team to deliver a collaborative, transparent Sustainability Report that acknowledges where we are in our journey and looks ahead to a more sustainable future.

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