Choosing a Knowledgeable Partner

June 19, 2023

Arthas Yang, Global Business Director, CASE, Trinseo

The coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers (CASE) industries are ever-evolving as unprecedented geopolitical events and economic uncertainty impact business operations. Companies are facing tough material choices as a lack of supply and price stability impact their product portfolio.

Furthermore, the individual consumer is altering industry trends with their preferences as they demand more sustainable products. To combat these challenges, companies must often reimagine their product portfolios, but going at it alone can be difficult and costly. A knowledgeable materials partner is essential to identifying current and upcoming industry trends in addition to bolstering your product offerings to meet business goals.

Global Knowledge & Local Expertise

A strong partner, like Trinseo, has their finger on the pulse of the industry, helping to anticipate customer needs and address today’s challenges. Our active membership in a variety of industry associations allows us to discuss current trends and regulations with other experts while anticipating potential future business disruptions.

Additionally, Trinseo’s position as a global company gives us a unique perspective on markets around the world as we have an overarching look at how worldwide events are impacting CASE industries. Trinseo’s local market presence also provides regional expertise. In each region, we have dedicated sales and technical service teams and the capacity for application development, enabling the Company to provide our customers with the local resources they need to support their production goals and timelines.

We can proactively assist our customers in product development by remaining informed of what is happening across the CASE industries locally and globally. And with our customer-centric approach and position as a mid-size company, the team can offer the best of both worlds regarding the global scale of larger suppliers and the agility and personalized service of smaller suppliers.

Adapting to Meet Your Needs

Being a knowledgeable partner goes beyond recognizing industry trends but also developing solutions to meet them. Many of our customers have an interest in sustainable solutions and how they can reduce the environmental impact of their products. Knowing this, Trinseo recently launched our CO2NET™ product portfolio, which reduces a product’s carbon emissions by at least 50%.

We also had two of our latex binders manufacturing facilities mass balance certified by the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC). This allows the Company to trace the flow of sustainable materials when mixing sustainable and non-sustainable materials in production, thus ensuring our efforts are auditable.

Additionally, Trinseo has worked to make our materials more efficient, enabling our customers to reduce the material needed for their products. Trinseo can help our customers meet their sustainability goals and align with industry trends by adjusting our offerings.

Guided by Collaboration

Trinseo’s innovation is not limited to our own solutions but also extends to collaborative product development with customers. Our process includes our technical team, which works closely with customers to develop new chemistries that meet an application’s performance property needs.

Each product then undergoes our strict validation process to test its capabilities internally before being brought to market. Once a product is available, Trinseo works with customers to incorporate feedback and performs another round of validation testing.

Trinseo’s Market Development Unit then produces the product onsite with the ability to scale production as needed to ensure material availability and align with the customer’s production timeline. This collaborative process allows customers to innovate their portfolios with the support of a knowledgeable partner, reducing the risk and cost involved.

Partnering with a knowledgeable material solutions provider is key to improving your product portfolio while helping you to understand an evolving industry. Trinseo is proud to play a role in product innovation and support our customers as they develop their offerings.

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