Trinseo’s Jean-Luc Dubois Combines Academic and Field Experiences as Principal Scientist
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June 10, 2024

Trinseo’s Jean-Luc Dubois Combines Academic and Field Experiences as Principal Scientist

Trinseo’s Principal Scientist Jean-Luc Dubois is a well-respected scientist in the chemical industry and a seasoned researcher. His 38 years of experience in both the field and academia has helped Trinseo bridge the gap between theoretical and applied materials solutions innovations. Because of his experience, Dubois is frequently invited as a speaker to various industry conferences, and he has written and contributed to over 150 publications and 180 patent families.

photo of Jean-Luc Dubois

After starting his career in the oil and gas industry, Dubois pivoted to the chemical industry and worked on several catalytic processes to innovate sustainable products using alternative feedstocks, bio-based, recycled or carbon dioxide. Prior to joining Trinseo, Dubois worked for Arkema (also previously known by the names Atofina and Atochem) for more than 26 years.

Dubois was instrumental in the MMAtwo consortium, a completed European Union-funded project. He led the workstream on depolymerization technology of the project, which developed a new value chain to process different types of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) waste, including the most challenging wastes, into high quality regenerated monomer. Dubois joined Trinseo in 2023 after the Company’s acquisition of Arkema’s acrylics business, driving the implementation of Trinseo’s PMMA depolymerization technology. In late April 2024, the first depolymerized rMMA from cast grade PMMA was made at Trinseo’s PMMA depolymerization demonstration facility in Rho, Italy. This marks a pivotal step towards reshaping the plastics ecosystem as part of the circular economy.

For the second year in a row, the site has listed Jean-Luc Dubois under Best Scientists – Chemistry. According to the site, he is one of the top 500 scientists in a national ranking of France. We are delighted to have Dubois at Trinseo, among others, a strong contributor to help drive our innovation forward.

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