Trinseo Supports Art Installation by Miguel Chevalier Built for Major 2024 Sporting Event in Paris with Acrylic Sheet Containing 100% Recycled Feedstock
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May 3, 2024

Trinseo Supports Art Installation by Miguel Chevalier Built for Major 2024 Sporting Event in Paris with Acrylic Sheet Containing 100% Recycled Feedstock

ALTUGLAS™ R-Life offers a lower CO2 footprint and similar performance compared to all-prime equivalent, contributes to a more sustainable future.

Trinseo has over five decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Its state-of-the-art facility in St. Avold, France, Trinseo celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2023, and continues to remain at the forefront thanks to continued investments in people and technology which enable the plant to manufacture minibatches, virtually infinite color options, and a broad range of thicknesses – all available with 100% recycled MMA -content.

PMMA or acrylic glass is a versatile material, combining beauty transparency, light weight, and toughness, making it the right choice in multiple applications for a wide range of end markets. For exterior light fixtures, PMMA stands out with spectacular transparency, and weather resistance, and Trinseo provides a variety of solutions, including sustainably-advantaged solutions that help reduce the use of raw materials without a hefty cost. Starting in 2022, Trinseo used its decades’ worth of expertise to develop the ALTUGLAS™ R-Life range of recycled-containing PMMA solutions.

  • The Challenge - A sustainably-advantaged PMMA sheet for lighting applications fitting for a development made to shine at a global sporting event. Made in France.
  • The Development -Trinseo’s ALTUGLAS™ R-Life clear acrylic sheet, with 100% rMMA, capable of 92% light transmission and twice as light as glass.
  • The Results - The reduction in Global Warming Potential (GWP) when using 100% rMMA in the manufacturing of a PMMA sheet is about 47%.

image of chandelier

The Challenge 

Miguel Chevalier, a French artist and one of the pioneers of virtual and digital art, was commissioned to create a specific artwork for two new buildings as part of the un immeuble, une œuvre (engl. one building, one work) initiative of the French Government along the river Seine.

Miguel has imagined "Ondes de Lumière" – the name of the art installation, consisting of eight organic-shaped chandelier-sculptures suspended from the ceilings of five porches in the two buildings. The construction of these buildings are part of the redevelopment of a former industrial space reclaimed for the sporting event taking place in Paris in 2024. There will be space for over 14,000 athletes and staff, which, after the closing of the event, will be further reconverted into residential and commercial space. The entire purpose of the development is to showcase sustainability – the developer aims to achieve a carbon footprint 40% lower versus a conventional building, and lead to a successful revitalization of the Seine-St Denis region.

Miguel Chevalier’s creation – Ondes de Lumière, was inspired by the site’s proximity to water. In a stylized, relief-like way, he materializes the phenomenon of waves and interlocking circles, while using luminous curves to convey the idea of movement. During the day, the installations will act as a bearing point for visitors and residents, while at night, these sculptures light up from adaptable low-power LEDs, resembling large, colorful drapes, to create a welcoming, soft, colorful atmosphere.

One of Trinseo’s long-time partners, Dacryl® - a premier fabricator of PMMA, was selected to create the eight chandelier-sculptures, and together, the two companies chose ALTUGLAS™ R-Life, a recycled-containing PMMA cast acrylic sheet, with 100% recycled monomer. The Made in France collaboration enabled a sustainably-advantaged solution for the lighting fixtures which can also withstand fabrication in order to bring the artist’s vision to life

The Development

Trinseo and Dacryl already have a standing relationship for over twenty years, during which the two companies developed a strong bond through deep collaboration, meaning the material of choice for this installation was made quickly. Trinseo and Dacryl’s collaboration was further cemented by common values, such as craftsmanship, service, and attention to detail.

With over two decades of experience fabricating complex designs, Dacryl chose Trinseo’s ALTUGLAS™ R-Life cast acrylic sheet as the material fit the brief with its outstanding combination of a lower CO2 footprint and similar physical-mechanical properties compared to its all-prime counterpart.

The ALTUGLAS™ R-Life meets these demands with 100% rMMA and excellent light conductivity (92% Light Transmission Index). ALTUGLAS™ R-Life is a high-performance material, five times stronger than glass and twice as light as glass (density of 1.19). It holds up very well outdoors, with virtually no yellowing, and can undergo the same transformation as its all-prime counterparts.

The material allows fabrication on its surface (textures, grooves, stencils), and various treatments applied to its thickness to amplify it and create reflections and complex wave patterns. The resulting sculptures “Ondes de Lumière” energize the spaces of each porch where they are installed.

The Result

Trinseo is supplying its partner with ALTUGLAS™ R-Life cast acrylic sheet, a product that has a 47% lower CO2 footprint compared to its all-prime counterpart. Dacryl can continue manufacturing its products using the same tools and processes considering ALTUGLAS™ R-Life displays the same mechanical and physical properties as the all-prime equivalent.

image of chandelier

Key Benefits:

  • 500% tougher and 50% lighter than glass
  • 92% light transmission
  • 47% drop in CO2 footprint compared to all-fossil equivalent
  • Drop-in solution with equivalent performance

Download the Case Study (English and French)

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