Trinseo | Conversations on Color

“Any color … as long as it’s black.” That’s what Henry Ford said in the 1900s when asked about color choices for his company’s Model T.

Today, nothing is further from the truth. Color choices seem to be unlimited, and customization is routine.

Trinseo, the global plastics manufacturer and solutions provider, knows this firsthand. Every day we meet the challenges of our automotive customers and are skilled at developing colors and matching them with different polymer bases.

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Our color capabilities have been tested on some of the most challenging applications. Besides Automotive, we support consumer electronics and footwear customers where color is a key. Color-wise, we offer pigments in a range of colors, shades, and tones. And with tried and true experience we deliver color that maintains its integrity over time.

Whether for aesthetics or function, color is an important distinguishing factor in automotive applications. It’s found on grilles, spoilers and mirrors on the outside to door panels and trim on the inside. If you need an exact color match or have a specific color in mind, give us a call. Together we’ll brighten the world.


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