ALTUGLAS™ Cast Acrylic Sheets and Blocks for Signage

Trinseo PMMA

ALTUGLAS™ Cast Acrylic Sheets and Blocks for Signage

Trinseo, the leading global manufacturer of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), better known as acrylic glass, has developed a range of products specially designed for visual communication to make your brand stand out.

Trinseo has developed an acrylic sheet grade called LED System, allowing a significant reduction in energy costs. This technology yields the same quality lighting as a conventional system, while using fewer LEDs or less powerful LEDs.

Developed over multiple decades, Trinseo’s dedicated range of ALTUGLAS™ cast acrylic sheet and blocks for the sign market offers outstanding characteristics in terms of colors, shapes, and transformation technologies.


  • Complex shapes and large formats
  • Perfectly homogeneous light diffusion throughout the lettering without shadows
  • Exceptional UV and weather resistance
  • The product has the potential to be recycled multiple times
  • Optimized for LEDs to provide a maximized light diffusion (LED System)
  • Custom-made colors thanks to Trinseo’s Color Match system
  • Special “2 in 1” lighting effects for day and night
  • Comprehensive choice of surfaces to prevent sun glare
  • Easy to maintain
  • Entire letters & symbols can be made with ALTUGLAS™ acrylic sheets and blocks

ALTUGLAS™ Solutions

ALTUGLAS™ Blocks - PMMA blocks offer more advantages compared to other materials in terms of aesthetics, fabrication and maintenance. ALTUGLAS™ blocks require a single manufacturing step, unlike other materials which require multiple steps, thus generating cost and time savings.

Compared to solutions where PMMA is used only as a cover, ALTUGLAS™ Blocks are not affected by temperature variation, meaning they need less maintenance and cleaning to remove dirt and humidity that would otherwise accumulate.

Advantages of Using ALTUGLAS™ PMMA Blocks

  • One material, no gluing required, leading to simplified fabrication
  • No corner shadow effects due to homogeneous light diffusion
  • Lower energy requirement due to need to use fewer or less bright LEDs
  • Ideal for shapes of all sizes including small dimensions
  • Easy disassembly, enabling fewer maintenance requirements
  • Available in wide range of thicknesses (30 to 90 mm) colors


Trinseo meets the demand for sustainably advantage materials for signage with ALTUGLAS™ R-Life, a range of PMMA sustainable made with a minimum 90% chemical chemically recycled MMA (rMMA), combined with all-prime MMA.

Trinseo’s broad portfolio of solutions for the sign market also includes:

ALTUGLAS™ sheets and blocks will open a new vision and real visibility.


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