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ALTUGLAS™ Cast Acrylic Sheets and Blocks

Designing and manufacturing tailor-made solutions for your most creative ideas

ALTUGLAS™ Product Families

Strike the perfect balance between performance and aesthetics with ALTUGLAS™ polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) cast sheets and blocks. Combining beauty and transparency, light weight and toughness, and available in a broad range of colors, Trinseo’s ALTUGLAS™ product portfolio enables your most ambitious designs.

We partner with you to provide materials that deliver the performance and optical properties your project requires, whether you are creating bold LED displays or weather-resistant outdoor fittings. Our ALTUGLAS™ solutions let you explore new styles, textures, and illuminating effects.

Trinseo is dedicated to delivering future-focused solutions, including ALTUGLAS™ R-Life sustainable cast sheets. Available ALTUGLAS ClearWhite grade, the material is made with a minimum of 90 percent of chemically recycled PMMA cast sheet and provide comparable performance to the prime material.

As a true expert in PMMA, Trinseo is continually developing new formulas to enhance the polymer’s capacities, while conducting stringent internal checks to fulfill the highest product standards. You can trust in ALTUGLAS™ for exceptional consistency and performance.

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Explore the ALTUGLAS™ Families


The fundamental ranges of PMMA cast sheets in our collection, with transparent or opal, white or tinted, and colorless sheets. 


acrylic sheet
acrylic sheet


Magical ranges that play with light through their diffusing properties, enhancing signs at night and illuminating your designs with fluorescent and color effects.


Delivering an exceptional aesthetic, visual, and tactile experience with a range of textures, styles, and surfaces to create daring indoor and outdoor fittings.

acrylic sheet


Technical grades for protection from the weather, UV rays, corrosive products, and noise, as well as grades with greater impact resistance and those suitable for food contact.



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